I’ve fallen for you and I hate you for that

HQ_69min theme : [short shorts]

Whose cellphone is that? (´◔౪◔)

Free_69min theme : [BAD LUCK]

Rei you disgrace, that’s what happens when you wear ugly ass swimsuit.

HQ_69min theme : [lingerie]

If you didn’t think that I waited 1 year to do this joke, you’re dead wrong 

Anonymous asked:
LMAO YOU'RE BLOWING MY ADVICE OUT OF PROPORTION WHY ARE YOU SORRY it's just that i wouldnt want ppl stealing or whatever then again ppl do that even if it's blatant fanart but good luck ;u;

I’m just careless about these things ahahahaa;;;;; And that’s no good I admit! -I’ll keep that in mind dear anon <3

Anonymous asked:
"so I just got an ask advising me to watermark my stuff because people think it's official ;;; I run my mouth too fast" I MEANT WHAT IF omg pls don't be scared i mean i just wouldnt like it if my work was being distributed around unknowlingly like that if i drew ;;;;

No you are right, it’s just that I don’t like the idea of watermarking so I’ll take up your suggestion of writing it down in the desc. Thank you again anon! Please don’t be scared of giving me more advice that I can use. Come here let me give you a hug <33

Anonymous asked:
yooo if you don't watermark your rin fanart or write smth in the tags/desc ppl might really think it's official and repost it everywhere :---(

Had no idea that my art was taken as official oups. That’s a good idea anon thank you! I’ll write it down in desc. I apologize for any misunderstanding ;;;

Rin the stripper policeman

Arrest me please I’m a criminal

My art


a magi fashion illustration fanbook

Hey everyone~ Dunya and I are happy to announce "1001 Nights" a Magi anthology featuring fashion illustration. Magi has a world full of various cultures that is rich with fashion and it is all present in this book, featuring 13 artists and one author.

This is now available for preorder here, and will be shipped after Anime Expo (July 3-5). These books will also be available at Anime Expo, San Japan and Otakon!

USD $15 | 7x10” | 30 pages | full color | perfect bound | 13 artists, 1 author

Anja | Chim | Dunya | Laura | Lishtar | Haku | Kelbora | Kim Quim | Maggie | Naos | Pie | Tea | Tuna  | Yui

hey I drew something for it.

Buy it.


I love your face.

Thank you rockets & dunyeah for making this book possible